Abraham ... Whose Father?

What does it mean that Abraham is our father? Whose Father? The Jew in the synagogue? The Christian in the church? Both? Neither? Or …?

Will Kinney - Brand Plucked Ministry - KJV Bible Believer

Over the many years of my salvation, I’ve been greatly interested in the Bible translation topic. When I started my trek into the world of textual criticism, I was filled with wonder, joy, and great excitement. It was thrilling to think that I was going to dig into God’s Word by plummeting the realm of the “original” languages.

I naively had absolutely no idea the gigantic rabbit hole I was about to descend.

Christian J. Pinto - Noise Of Thunder Radio/Adullam Films

When considering a ministry from which I’ll personally get input, I try to look for balance, the kind of spirit that permeates it, and its objectivity toward the Scriptures. As I’ve said before, I believe Yeshua was perfect in all three of these. That said, I realize the rest of us are mere humans subject to our own biases and blind spots.

"Almost Thou Persuadest Me ... "

She started to cool down towards the Gospel and her need for salvation. I asked her why? What happened? And then she told me — “I’d have to get up there too and broadcast all my sins for everyone to hear. I’m not going to do that.” I tried to convince her that she would never have to do that if she didn’t want to. However, the mere thought of the potential squashed all hopes of her responding for salvation.

Serving God Without Corruption

It seems like getting used to corruption is easier than one would suspect. Having lived long enough now in our country, in the realm of the church, and also with me, I’ve come to realize that corruption, on all levels, is like the frog in the pot. It happens so gradually that it’s hardly noticed.

But in the midst of all this corruption I see hope in reflecting upon the life of David.

Meat In The Sheet - Acts 10

The full power and effectiveness of the Bible is only possible if it remains one cohesive whole. If Satan can get us to DIVIDE the Scriptures, then he can CONQUER us! Don’t you think a master strategist would take full advantage of that? I do.

One of the fiery darts Satan has sent our way goes something like this:

God's Green New Deal

I mean, how stupid can anyone be to think that God didn’t have enough foresight to make sure all of His creation was sustainable? I, personally, don’t believe mankind has it within his power/ability to topple God’s creation. That’s just plain arrogance. And, it’s a telling mindset displaying the absence of God from intelligent thinking.

However …