Enter Into…The Realm of The Fringe

I listen to a fair amount of Bible teachings online and on You Tube.  Most of which greatly blesses me.  I read a fair amount in commentaries as well.  I respect and admire many of these men that I listen to and read after.  But at some point along the way, one or more of these perspectives is rejected and, at times, attacked.  All of a sudden I find myself in:  The Realm of The Fringe.

HELP, I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

I was outside with my grandsons at their house. My oldest grandson is 11 and the youngest is 6.  For whatever reason, we got running which led into a race.  I had no doubt that I would be able to outrun them.  I’m in “good” shape.  I ride my 12 speed bike several days a week on my Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand … thingy.  I’ll show them what a 63 year old young guy can do.

Study Bibles and Commentaries

Yes, I did go off to Bible college.  Soon I became aware of the world of commentaries and the many opinions that goes with it all.  But I found I got more confused and less blessed.  Why?  Because commentators don’t always agree with each other.  At times, they disagree in huge ways.  So, instead of getting clarification I got more uncertainty.  Who is correct?  Who should I latch onto??  What commentary sets should I buy???