Yeshua And "The Minister Of Redemption"

One of the most common complaints we run into when trying to tell people about their need for salvation is that they don’t like or trust religion. You know what? Neither did Yeshua. He stood in complete contrast and opposition to the “religion” of His day.

The Cookie Monster Within

Matthew 4:1 —Then was Yeshua led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

Yeshua was tempted, really? To be honest, I can’t picture it. Exactly how was Yeshua tempted? Wouldn’t you like to know? I would. Why weren’t more specifics given? I would find it comforting to know … maybe?

Let’s think about this.

The "Ned Flanders" Type

Yes, I admit to having watched an episode or two of The Simpsons TV show. Just a couple, mind you. Maybe a few more than that actually. But not too many. Christians aren’t supposed to watch The Simpsons, are they?

I identify most with Homer and Ned. Perhaps because they reflect both sides of me.

The Fall Festival Season - Bah Humbug!

Normally I struggle with the Festivals. I just botch them every year. I forget they’re coming. I don’t take the days off from work that are required. (Why can’t they all fall on the weekends!?) Plus, since we go by the sighting of the moon and don’t follow the Jewish calendar, we’re off from all of normative Judaism and a lot of the Messianics as well. Then I get to thinking how much better it would be to live in Israel. But would it? Therefore, I find myself with an ever growing desire for the return of Yeshua. Then everything will be as it should. Can’t wait.

How Much Of The Bible Is True?

The above may seem like a funny question, but is it? I think most of the people in the world who say they believe in God (I'm using that phrasiology very loosely in case you were wondering) would also so say the Bible is not entirely true. They may not take the first chapters of Genesis for what it means. Or they may not believe Noah's flood actually happened or that the Red Sea parted or even that Yeshua (Jesus) ever existed.

Demons Any Longer?

Are there demons any longer?  

It doesn’t appear so.  It seems like we’ve gone from the Salem Witch Trials to there ain’t a devil to be found anywhere.  Even believers don’t give a lot of thought to the realm of the demonic, much less the world.  

We’ve almost become immune to the notion there’s an evil unseen world swirling around us.  I’m not saying we should go looking for demons behind every tree or under every rock.  However, it might be advantageous to stick our spiritual antennae up a little bit higher and see what we can detect.

I Lack Nothing

I drive all over New England for my work. A benefit of this is my getting to see a wide range of areas, towns and the culture that inhabits them. One of the things I regularly enjoy doing is looking at the signs of the different churches I drive by. Often they will have a Bible verse, a witty statement or sometimes a convicting statement. In many ways, this little snippet of text on their signs can tell you a lot about the church and the culture of the people in an area.

The Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

The Ferengi are an alien race in the world of Star Trek.  They first appear in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Here’s a brief snippet about them:

“Their home planet, Ferenginar, is the center of the Ferengi Alliance and is governed by the Grand Nagus and a Commerce Authority made primarily of the Council of Economic Advisors (formerly Board of Liquidators). Like most of their culture, their religion is also based on the principles of capitalism: they offer prayers and monetary offerings to a Blessed Exchequer in hopes of entering the "Divine Treasury" upon death, and fear an afterlife spent in the Vault of Eternal Destitution.”   

Bear with me please … I do have a life, honestly.