Jesus Wants Us To Be Happy

Just look around, there doesn’t appear to be much denial of self amongst God’s people. We have it all and expect to have it all. If a believer isn’t affluent and up to date with the latest trendy stuff … surely, Jesus’ blessings aren’t on that person.

Mozart And Doctrinal Uncertainty

There are Evangelicals/Christians/Messianics that don’t see anything Doctrinally Uncertain about the emerging alliance with the “one holy catholic and apostolic Church.” The lines between truth and error have eroded in our day. So much so, that our doctrinal antennae miss the faint signals of error. And that is all it takes to send people to Hell.

How Close Would You Have Been?

Do you, in all situations, make it crystal clear that you are a follower of Yeshua? What about, for example, the last opportunity that presented itself as an opportunity for YOU to speak on behalf of your faith? Did you boldly proclaim your faith as you know you should have?

May I suggest that we too have been just as “bad” as Peter.

All The Ingredients Are Necessary

Why aren’t we scared to death by what we have done to God’s Word? Why is it that folks accept, without question, the changes that have been made to God’s Word? We should shutter at what we have done — all under the guise of “Jesus did away with the Law.”