My Messianic Musings

Meat In The Sheet - Acts 10

The full power and effectiveness of the Bible is only possible if it remains one cohesive whole. If Satan can get us to DIVIDE the Scriptures, then he can CONQUER us! Don’t you think a master strategist would take full advantage of that? I do.

One of the fiery darts Satan has sent our way goes something like this:

God's Green New Deal

I mean, how stupid can anyone be to think that God didn’t have enough foresight to make sure all of His creation was sustainable? I, personally, don’t believe mankind has it within his power/ability to topple God’s creation. That’s just plain arrogance. And, it’s a telling mindset displaying the absence of God from intelligent thinking.

However …

A Broken ... Soul

As long as we feel at home in this world (and want this world to be our home) our souls won’t be able to break with longing for God’s judgments (His Kingdom) to come. Can I say it this way: God is longing for His people, en masse, to shed themselves of this world and focus on His coming Kingdom.

Save YOURSELVES From This Untoward Generation

Peter was giving the people of his generation a heads up as to what they could expect. They had become “untoward.” That can’t signal anything good. Listeners would have sensed the smoke on the horizon and taken notice that they were being warned. Perhaps this, in part, is why there was such a response for salvation among the listeners of Peter’s sermon.

Absence Of Bible Truth = Insanity

I firmly believe that much of the excess the world exhibits is really a cry for somebody to step up and show them differently. Much like a child stretches the boundaries of its little world in order to find out from the parents when too much is enough, so too the world around us. And much like what happens when parents don’t discipline the child, so it goes with the world when believers don’t take up their roles as light and salt.

Born That The Works Of God Should Be Made Manifest

If man can whitewash away sin from the existence of man’s personal responsibility before God, then why, pray tell, did Yeshua have to come? If man has no sin, he’s in no need of salvation. If man is in no need of salvation then there’s no need for a Saviour. And, if there’s no need of a Saviour then what is the big deal about Jesus? Why did He come? Why did He die? Why did He rise again?