My Messianic Musings

We Weren't Meant To Know It All

But also …

Paul was told to be tight-lipped because of our limited capacity to comprehend the essence of God while at the same time finding accurate verbiage to express it. We’re not wired with the capacity to comprehend God on His level.

But still, there is this constant pull …

"He May Eat All Things"

If nothing else, we as God’s people need to free ourselves from being locked into any Theological perspective. Theology is just a framework from which to proceed. It can help us in our search to understand what the Scriptures are actually saying, regardless of where it may take us.

In essence, what I’m saying is this …

Three Prevalent Messianic Movement Heresies — Yes, I Mean Just That

Or said differently:

I can’t believe how easily our “Messianic” people are duped into accepting new titillating teachings which are really just old heresies repackaged by new con artists (false teachers) masquerading as Hebrew Roots teachers.

How and why is this happening?

The Onus ... It's On Us

Today, sin couldn’t be more blatant than it is and yet very few people recognize and label sin as sin anymore. In our national mindset, there no longer seems to exist a moral fiber of what is right or wrong, sinful or Godly, decent or obscene.

Simply put …

Everybody Judges

We, who try to present the unpopular truths of God’s Word, need to stop letting ourselves be backed into the corner of being judgmental. That charge is bogus manipulation meant to purposefully disarm any chance for rebuttal.

So … instead of being constantly taken off guard by these false acquisitions hurled at us …

“COEXIST” Doesn’t Exist

The concept of peaceful coexistence is a great idea. I want it to be a reality in the worst way. Who wants wars? Who wants mayhem and destruction? Who wants people hurting because of someone else’s intolerance or misunderstanding? Who doesn’t want a world where we all unite around the “campfire” and sing Kumbaya My Lord, Kumbaya.

But …

Faith Without Risk Is Dead

It’s in the crucible of testing “where one is forced to prove one’s ability to cope well with a demanding situation.” Until that point comes and is faced, one cannot know what he really is made of. His mettle has not been proven.

I submit that if …