Warren Tanner

Assistant Congregation Leader



Glad you’re here. I’d like to tell you a little about myself, my wife and my family.

Judy and I have been involved in ministry work since our marriage in 1978. We have five children which are all married and we have, at present, five grandchildren.

Upon graduating from Bible college we were involved in the starting of a Christian school in which we also taught. While at the church I became a deacon, the assistant pastor and was ordained. Coy and Luke were also born during this time.

Before my first pastorate, Judy and I did ministry work with seamen in New Orleans for a short time. After that I took an assistant pastor position under the pastor whose ministry I was saved in 1973. While there I taught in the Christian school and was involved in the teen ministry. It was there that I received the call to pastor my first and only church. We pastored that church eighteen years. It was during this time Daniel, Kristen and Caitlin were born.

Sensing the need to come to terms with some theological questions I had since my early salvation days, I decided to resign our church. This was a difficult decision but I felt it was time to get my questions answered. It was at this point we moved to Arizona near Judy’s family.

While there I came in contact with the Hebraic Roots mindset. It was an exciting time because many of my theological questions began to be resolved in this renewed direction. Nothing, not a thing, concerning my major doctrinal position has changed. Salvation is and always has been by grace through faith apart from any works. Nobody is or ever was saved and kept by keeping the Law/Torah. Yeshua is the Way, the Truth, and the life. Nobody comes to the Father but by Him.

However, questions relating to living out the Scriptures began to come into clearer focus for me. Such as:

Why do we observe Sunday and not keep the Sabbath?

Shouldn’t we still be keeping the Biblical holidays the best we can?

Why don’t we practice the dietary instructions as found in the Bible?

Why do we believe that Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever, came to do away with His own Word the Law/Torah?

Through my own searching of the Scriptures I began to see more clearly that the early believers in Yeshua continued living out these things in their everyday lives. — But then came the destruction of the Temple and the Dispersion …

After our time in Arizona we moved back to New Hampshire. It has been a blessed time. A lot has happened.

Presently I have the joy of being in ministry with Luke and his family as they lead this congregation. It’s a small congregation but we believe God has called us to such a time and ministry as this.

Our desire is still to magnify the finished work of Yeshua/Jesus on the cross. I hope you’ll sense our heart and our desire to continually search the Scriptures to follow more fully our Lord and Saviour.

Please feel free to check out the website. Our messages are listed as well as my blog entitled:  My Messianic Musings.

Warren and Judy