"The Plague Has Begun"

“The Plague Has Begun” Numbers 16:46-50 This is where I am in my reading of the Scriptures. It made me think.

Now, I’m no prophet nor the son of a prophet BUT … something is amiss worldwide. Not just in America, but worldwide. However, I want to just focus on our country.

Back in 1976 I heard my Baptist hero of the faith Lester Roloff preach. Amongst other things, he said: Homosexuality will be the end-time sin that will bring America down. Everytime I heard Lester preach I’d soak it all in and try as best I could to absorb what he taught and preached. But to be honest, I sat there that day and said to myself: Lester, I love you but this time I honestly think you’re wrong.

You see back in 1976, the sins that are now out in the open in full force were still in many ways in their infancy. Around that same time, he also preached a message entitled: They Didn’t Quit.  Please go to it and watch it. It isn’t very long. In it he mentions three things that are going to bring America down. First, America is a drunkard nation. Second, America is a murdering nation (abortion). Third, America is a nation of Sodomites.

This was something that very few preachers expounded like he did (then and now) — and it cost him. It wasn’t just his enemies that distanced themselves from him but even churches that had backed and supported his ministry. That kind of preaching doesn’t help build local churches that need people to come and  pay the bills.

But I want to suggest something.

I believe it’s that kind of preaching people really need to hear once again. Have you ever read the Prophets in the Bible? They weren’t the personal favorites of a whole lot of people. But yet they preached and —- it cost them as well. It’s time that we who know Jesus (Yeshua) Christ (Messiah) as Lord and Saviour stand up unashamedly and proclaim the whole truth/content of God’s word. We’re seeing the results of this diminished message all across our country. Our pulpits need to thunder out once again: Thus saith the LORD! —

What in the world has happened to us? I’m talking to us, not the world.

I’d like to suggest we’re just like our forefathers before us that grew at ease in their Zion. We are too much of a mixture — some part Christian, some part worldly. The lines between the two have become too blurred in our lives.

Many of you might not be as old as I am. I have seen so many changes in my lifetime in our country. Many of which have taken us further and further from the Biblical dictates and morals that brought the blessings of God on our nation. Can you imagine that when I grew up, for example, stores and businesses were closed on Sundays. Only pharmacies and a few gas stations were open. That was it! Now, not only is the world throwing off the yoke of Bible standards but God’s people as well.

I personally don’t think there will be a turning back. The genie has been let out of the bottle. There’s no putting this worldwide rejection and rebellion back into the bottle. Yes, God will still move and do His work. People will get saved and live for Him. But folks —

The Plague Has Begun.

I Peter 4:17 — For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?