I Want To Be Christian Again

No … not really … but … It’s amazing how many people ask right off: “Do you no longer celebrate such-and-such a holiday?” Or, “Is that pagan too?” Or, “Are you not able to eat this either?” It seems that in most people’s minds this Hebraic life is defined by what we don’t or can’t do. Right away it’s all cast in a negative light in peoples’ perceptions. And you know what … I get it. I really do.

So I’m reading through Deuteronomy now in my course of Bible reading. Over the many years I’ve always loved reading this book. It’s so straight forward. The new generation of Hebrews is to go in and conquer the Promised Land. Moses, therefore, reiterates the Torah/Instructions for this new generation’s well-being and protection.

The next step they are going to be taking is a big deal. Moses wants to make sure the blessings of God, rather than His curses, are going to be upon them. They need to know what is expected of them. They are in covenant relationship with Him. Their forefathers, and now they too, agreed to the Covenantal terms. But there are, as with any agreement of this magnitude, certain stipulations that both sides agree too. Both parties have to abide by the agreement. Since God isn’t going to be falling short on His end He has Moses remind the people of their obligations.

But for some reason, this time, while reading through Deuteronomy I was overcome with a fear of God like never before. There are just sooooooo many things to remember and do. Even though there is now no Temple or Priesthood there are still instructions that can be lived out. And it just seems like every verse I read smacks me in the face with all the things I’m falling short of in my life. I found myself thinking: “Of course, why would any Christian ever want to consider any of this? Life was so much “simpler” before I entered this walk. Not so many do’s and don’ts!”

But …

There are so many blessings attached to this walk. Sure, there’s no Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, bacon, lobster, buzzards …. But, there is such joy in knowing that, for example, Passover is my story. It’s my heritage. Through the blood of Yeshua I have been grafted into Israel. And just like Ruth of old, these people are my people. To know that I am of the seed of Abraham through faith in Messiah is truly amazing. I wish I could explain the inner joy this all brings. But, I can’t.

So, do I really want to go back and be “Christian” again? No. But, I guess through reading Deuteronomy again this time … I realized how separated this Hebraic walk really is. It is a separated walk unto the God of the universe. But, it’s also a walk in which people have felt the need to distance themselves from us. But you know what, I wouldn’t trade this walk for anything … dare I say, even for friends or family?

However, I do miss the close ties that used to be there with my Christian friends and family. The truth is, with me, no doctrine has changed. My beliefs are all the same as before except …

There’s no Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, bacon, lobster, buzzards ….

Really? Is that it?? Yep!

One more hang-up, though, for most Christians is the Sabbath. Do you realize that back in the not-too-distant-past that Sunday was called the Sabbath by Christians? And, it was really lived out like the Sabbath, but just on Sunday. No shopping on Sunday. No going out to eat on Sunday. No working on Sunday. No sports on Sunday. It was a real day separated unto God for worship and reflection.

As a matter of fact, there were a lot of “No’s” connected with the Christian Sunday Sabbath. I just think Christians can’t handle their own walk of separation any more and so have walked away from … what we Hebraics are now trying to live out. If anything we are more “Christian” than the Christians. It’s the Christians that have changed from what they used to believe.

So, who’s really in the negative?

Just a thought.