Enter Into…The Realm of The Fringe

There are certain perspectives, points of view, that automatically cause God’s people concern theologically.

Here are a few:

1. To use the King James Bible exclusively.

2. To be of a Hebraic/Messianic mindset.

3. To not believe the Church will be Raptured before the Seven Year Tribulation.

Any one of these perspectives, if believed by a person, puts that person in the realm of the fringe in today’s Bible believing world.

I listen to a fair amount of Bible teachings online and on You Tube.  Most of which greatly blesses me.  I read a fair amount in commentaries as well.  I respect and admire many of these men that I listen to and read after.  But at some point along the way, one or more of these perspectives is rejected and, at times, attacked.  All of a sudden I find myself in:  The Realm of The Fringe.  

Let’s look at them briefly.

The KJV Perspective:
I can count on one hand the preachers/ministries that base their teaching on the King James Version alone — without correcting it.  How is it that every translation, I mean every translation, is looked upon with respect by the majority of God’s people except … the KJV?  It’s not said, though I think it is implied, that anyone who uses the KJV is simply revealing their ignorance.  In the light of current textual evidences (it is said), how can anyone rely upon a translation that was created long before any of the modern manuscript evidence available today?  To  proclaim one’s trust in the KJV automatically puts you in the realm of the fringe in today’s world of scholarly academia.  

The Hebraic/Messianic Perspective:
To use the KJV AND be Hebraic is to put you on a rocket headed for Mars.  You start to feel the distance being created between you and your fellow Bible believers.  “You worship on what day?”  “You celebrate what holidays?”  “No bacon, really?”  And on-and-on.  I understand the questions and confusion.  What I don’t understand is the lack of desire for discussion.  It’s automatically assumed you’re someone to be wary of.  

The Non Pre-Tribulation Rapture Perspective:
The timing of the Rapture is such a hot button topic.  It’s assumed, as a well established fact, that all believers will be raptured/transported off this planet before the Seven Year Tribulation period begins.  To question that is, literally, hearsay to the minds of many contemporary scholars and believers.  Add this to the KJV and Hebraic/Messianic perspectives and you’re not just headed for Mars, you’re actually an alien creature from the outer fringes of the galaxy.

Now, what I find fascinating is this.

I’m OK with letting others use any Bible translation they want.  But, the reverse isn’t true for the use of the KJV.

I’m OK with Christians staying Christians if that’s what they want.  But, the reverse isn’t true for those who want to practice the Hebraic/Messianic life without being looked at askance. 

I’m OK with people believing they’ll be out of here 3 1/2 years before I am.  But, the reverse isn’t true for those who think the timing may be a little later.

So where’s the rub?  I’m not sure, exactly.  

Please understand that where I am today in relation to these three perspectives is the direction I had been headed since I was saved.  For some reason, I saw in embryonic form then what I see in substance now. 

I honestly do understand that others need time to search the Scriptures for themselves. My simple desire is that those who believe otherwise be willing to search the Scriptures daily for themselves to see if these things are so.  

For hundreds of years the KJV was THE Bible.  During the New Testament times, believers were Hebraic/Messianic.  The Pre-Tribulation Rapture perspective is really the new kid on the block.  

I urge you to approach, with a fresh set of eyes, the preprogramed theological biases you’ve been taught to rely upon.  Open the Word of God unfettered by any other thought than to see for yourself what it is and isn’t saying.  

The challenge facing all of us who’ve been schooled in normative theology is: 
To Boldly Go Where You Dared Not Go Before. 

The Realm of The Fringe may not be as far out as some think?  Who’d have thought we’d being carrying hand held Communicators?  

Beam me up.