Messianic Hippies

“Hippies” thought they were doing something new, groovy and revolutionary. Among other things, they put on new garb, used new terms, and ingested new substances. All the while they/I claimed to be different. Why? We were no longer associating ourselves with the “establishment.”

However, if you stood back and took a look at the Hippies (as one day I, a “hippie,” did) you’d notice they were all strikingly similar to each other. We had just exchanged one group mentality for another/newer mentality. And the truth was that, though we looked different on the outside, we were still the same people on the inside as we had been before. (You just couldn’t admit that to anyone.) How do I know:  Observed many “hippies” running around lately?

In ways, the Messianic movement is like the Hippie era.

Step back and take a look.

We wear our new messianic garb, use our new messianic terms, and ingest our new messianic substances (teachers/teachings) in order to get our new desired messianic experiences. We’re nicely wrapped in our prayer shawls just like those that go to a Masked Ball. All the while we’re thinking we’re something different from what we were before. Honestly though, not much of substance has changed … internally.

We’re still the same spiritually void people that still don’t manifest any more of The Fruit of The Spirit than we did before. (Of course, we don’t admit that to anyone.) We’ve just taken on a new group mentality. How do I know:  Observed many Messianic congregations lately?

I don’t want to be a part of this any longer. I walked away from mainstream Christianity. Now I’m walking away from the mainstream Messianic movement. I’ve had enough of both.

No, I’m not forsaking my beliefs and practices. And for those wondering: No, I’m not going to become “Jewish.” But …

With that said …

I am going to keep on observing: the Sabbath, the Festivals, the Dietary instructions, and wearing Tzitziyot. These are instructions for all of God’s children to practice the best we can without a Temple or a functioning priesthood.

And … I am going to keep on clinging to the basic core beliefs I’ve held to since 1973: Salvation by grace through faith apart from the law The blood atonement of Yeshua The inspiration of the Scriptures The Scriptures as the sole infallible rule of faith and practice (Sola Scriptura) The indwelling of the Holy Spirit Heaven and Hell The return of Yeshua to receive His own and set up His coming Kingdom. And the rest of what we have in the Doctrinal section on our website.

Zion Hebraic Congregation is a local autonomous congregation. We seek others to come to know our Saviour Yeshua and become a part of our congregation. We don’t want a following. We want to encourage others to seek out local congregations. If there are none, perhaps we can help others to start one. We offer our website (which is in the process of getting a facelift) to hopefully encourage others in their Torah journey of becoming more like Yeshua — right where they are.

No more group mentalities for me. I’ve been involved in the “Hippie” mentality; the “Christian” mentality; and now, the “Messianic” mentality.

You’d think I’d learn.

Hopefully I have.