How Much Of The Bible Is True?

The above may seem like a funny question, but is it? I think most of the people in the world who say they believe in God (I'm using that phraseology very loosely in case you were wondering) would also say the Bible is not entirely true. They may not take the first chapters of Genesis for what it means. Or they may not believe Noah's flood actually happened or that the Red Sea parted or even that Yeshua (Jesus) ever existed.

But here is the problem with all of that. We read In Psalms 145:17 "The LORD is righteous in all his ways, and holy in all his works." When you read the Bible, it is pretty hard to miss how definitive it is about the word and works of God. The scripture does not leave any room for question as to the truth and accuracy of the word of God. So where do we go from here in our acceptance of the inerrancy and correctness of the Bible? Can we pick what we think is true or not?

When one boils it all down, the Bible only leaves us with two choices to make about what is in it. Either it's entirely true or entirely made up. That's it. The black words of God on white paper leave us with no other choices.

I like that, personally. I'm a pretty black and white kind of guy when it comes to what is true or not. To me what is so cool about the Bible is that it forces us to decide what we believe deep down inside and what we are going to do about it. If we say we trust the Bible, that implies a whole big ball of wax we are now responsible for. But I love that.

Responsibility is the mission and the goal of the follower of God. It gives relevance and a point to this life that could otherwise be wasted chasing meaningless and fleeting daily pleasures at the expense of people and the environment around us. Yes, believing the Bible gives a deep sense of purpose and drive to one's daily life. Such that in the morning you get up with drive and lion-like zeal because you have a job to do. This builds discipline and character. You don't have time to be depressed and unthankful. You're blessed to be alive. Because you are a child of God and have a mission in life, you choose to stay healthy so you can act as God will need you. You tell the truth. You treat others with kindness because you know they will scrutinize you and your life because you are a representative for God.

So which is it for you? Is the Bible entirely true or just somewhat? Make a choice and own it.

Shake off the dust; Arise! Isaiah 52:2