II Chronicles 7:6 — “The Levites also with instruments of musick to Yehovah.” This verse got me to thinking.

One of the very few constants in my life has been music. Music is something that I really am passionate about. It’s been such a huge part of my life.

My first musical experience was when I was around eight years old. I talked my older sister into letting me listen to one of her Elvis LPs. She let me listen to Elvis’ first Golden Records LP. She had put so many scratches in it that I couldn’t do much more damage. I was hooked. And, still am.

My journey in music has been vast and varied. Elvis; Led Zepplin; Hendrix; Allman Brothers; Stevie Ray Vaughan; Pink Floyd …. I also enjoy big band era jazz and swing jazz: Count Basie; Benny Goodman; Ben Webster; Gene Harris .… I also love Mozart. I have just about everything there is to own of Mozart, except the Operas. One of the great joys of my life was actually going to Salzburg last summer and seeing his home. What an experience to see the instruments he actually played on. It was incredible to see his original hand-written letters. A few of which I had read in my book of Mozart letters.

Needless-to-say, I love music.

So, when I recently read this verse it got me to thinking. The music that really touches my heart is hymns. There is something about the depth of content in hymns that stirs me to the core. While pastoring, I’d play my Mountain Ocarina [] along with the congregation. It was such a joy for me to express myself in worship through my instrument as the congregation sang hymns. Thankfully they were loud enough to cover my mistakes.

However, when we moved out West and went to church it seemed hymns were no longer welcome. Everything was Praise music. For me, it didn’t do much. So, I slowly hung up my Ocarina on the willows of Babylon till where I hardly played at all. Then, when we got into the Messianic movement there still weren’t any hymns. In all fairness, I do enjoy some of the Messianic music, but still my heart has been hymns.

Recently, I decided that if nothing else … I’ll play for my own pleasure and enjoyment. Much like Captain Picard (Star Trek Next Generation) when he got his flute. He played it mostly by, and for, himself. He wasn’t all that great but it brought him joy and a sense of fulfillment.

I’m not that great either. But, maybe the point isn’t … how great I am. Maybe God isn’t all that concerned with how well I play or don’t play. Maybe I can bring Him joy in this life as He listens to me, His child. Maybe, just maybe, I could be chosen one day to play in the great Choir in the Sky. Maybe I could be like the Levites with their instruments of music. Just maybe ….

So I decided that, perhaps, I could get a little prepared in hopes that God in eternity will “pick me, coach; pick me!” Will it really be like that … a choir in eternity? I don’t know. But, I want to think there will be and I want to be a possible candidate. And if I am wrong about my participation in the great eternal choir … then, I’ll just be happy now.

I know, sounds crazy. But that’s OK. My Ocarina is off the willows and in my hands again.

That’s a good thing.