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Will Kinney - Brand Plucked Ministry - KJV Bible Believer

Over the many years of my salvation, I’ve been greatly interested in the Bible translation topic. When I started my trek into the world of textual criticism, I was filled with wonder, joy, and great excitement. It was thrilling to think that I was going to dig into God’s Word by plummeting the realm of the “original” languages.

I naively had absolutely no idea the gigantic rabbit hole I was about to descend.

Christian J. Pinto - Noise Of Thunder Radio/Adullam Films

When considering a ministry from which I’ll personally get input, I try to look for balance, the kind of spirit that permeates it, and its objectivity toward the Scriptures. As I’ve said before, I believe Yeshua was perfect in all three of these. That said, I realize the rest of us are mere humans subject to our own biases and blind spots.