“As …(the type church)… we not only open our doors to people of all sexual orientations & gender. We create inclusive religious communities and work for LGBTQ justice & equity as a core part of who we are. All of who you are is welcome!”

Jesus Wants Us To Be Happy

Just look around, there doesn’t appear to be much denial of self amongst God’s people. We have it all and expect to have it all. If a believer isn’t affluent and up to date with the latest trendy stuff … surely, Jesus’ blessings aren’t on that person.


I’ve come upon this term in reference to a shift within Christianity. It appears that some of the younger generation of Christians no longer want to be associated with the term Evangelical.

In all fairness, I never did use the term “evangelical” to define myself. There’s nothing inherently wrong or bad with the term. However, once you put a label on yourself it does kind of identify you with the whole.