Mozart And Doctrinal Uncertainty

There are Evangelicals/Christians/Messianics that don’t see anything Doctrinally Uncertain about the emerging alliance with the “one holy catholic and apostolic Church.” The lines between truth and error have eroded in our day. So much so, that our doctrinal antennae miss the faint signals of error. And that is all it takes to send people to Hell.

The Fall Festival Season - Bah Humbug!

Normally I struggle with the Festivals. I just botch them every year. I forget they’re coming. I don’t take the days off from work that are required. (Why can’t they all fall on the weekends!?) Plus, since we go by the sighting of the moon and don’t follow the Jewish calendar, we’re off from all of normative Judaism and a lot of the Messianics as well. Then I get to thinking how much better it would be to live in Israel. But would it? Therefore, I find myself with an ever growing desire for the return of Yeshua. Then everything will be as it should. Can’t wait.