Shabbat 09 22 -18 | Titus 1

Listen along to this week’s Shabbat message from Luke Tanner as he speaks from Titus 1. Shalom!


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  1. Preaching: Summon; cause change in direction - Jonah 3:2 Manifestation of the word of God. The transference of the spiritual to the physical.

  2. Steward: Dispense the provisions of the Gospel - 1 Corinthians 4:1-2

  • Self-control, Discipline, Diligence, Obedience, Consistency

  • Active, action based qualities

  • Self-control begins in your heart and mind. Control your mind.

3. Liars: Saying one thing, doing another.

  • We who believe and can read God’s word already know what to do, how to live.

  • Learning from God’s word must create change in our lives.

  • We feed our mind and soul on God’s word to change our actions.

  • If we do not live out God’s word we are just lazy and need to admit that to ourselves.

4. Exhort: To insight to good deeds

  • Take ownership of your life. Control yourself and you mind. You are not a victim.

  • Remember who we are and what we believe.

  • We must master the basics.

5. Know who you are

  • We have the strength and mind of Yeshua to live right.

  • Act. Ownership. Self-control.

  • Exhort.