Absence Of Bible Truth = Insanity

Absence Of Bible Truth = Insanity

“Pilate saith unto him, What is truth?” John 18:38

Pilate’s personal life, and the society in which he lived, was so devoid of truth that he was at a loss to identify it — even with Yeshua, The Truth, right in front of him.

One of my study Bibles has a great note on this verse. Let me share it with you.

“Pilate was cynical, he thought all truth was relative. To many government officials, truth was whatever the majority of people agreed with or whatever helped their own personal power add political advancement. When there is no basis for truth, there is no basis for moral right and wrong. Justice becomes whatever works or helps those in power. In Jesus and His Word we have a standard for truth and for our moral behavior.”

“When there is no basis for truth, there is no basis for moral right and wrong.”

That is such a powerfully true statement. And I’m fast coming to the conclusion that in our country we’ve lost/forfeited our “basis for truth.”

We are in a WAR - a war for Truth. There is Light and there is Dark. There is Good and there is Evil. There is Truth and there is Error.

To successfully engage the battle, we must realize “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6;12). This is spiritual warfare we’re involved in.

I don’t watch much news any more.

However …

I caught a little bit the other day. What I heard being talked about caused me to wonder how we got to this level of INSANITY in our country. The stupid Green agenda! Full-term abortions?????? And pretty much everything else.

Admittedly, I now am at the age where I’m considered outdated. You know: “Back in my day ….” I grew up in what I consider to be the tail end of America being America. This America now is not my America.

My head is spinning, literally, as I look back over more than six decades of life. I just can’t believe we have gone from then to now. How did this happen? Why was it allowed to happen?

My generation is categorized as “The Leading-Edge Baby Boomers” generation. Sounds pretty cool. We were part of the “Greatest Generation.” Life was still “innocent.” We didn’t worry a whole lot about burglaries, rapes, divorce, immorality, abortion. Granted, we weren’t free of all that. However, it was the exception not the rule.

Sunday was actually still considered the Sabbath. The Bible was still considered to be God’s words to us. The Lord’s Prayer was still said in school. Bad students were kicked out of school, not the Bible. The Ten Commandments were still a part of the American landscape.

Not any more. Why?

Perhaps we, God’s people, have dropped the ball, so to speak. Have we been too at ease in our American Zion? Some how, it’s as if we’ve turned a blind eye to what is happening while we’ve cloistered ourselves within the walls of our ministries/congregations.

And in the process, we’ve taken a wrong turn and arrived at a place so far from where we were we don’t even know where we’ve come from. Moody, Spurgeon, Hudson Taylor, Lester Roloff … would they even recognize us?

Two areas all of us need to challenge ourselves about.

First: We’ve become too worldly. We are what the world was about 10 years ago. We keep following in the world’s footsteps. Since we’re not quite as bad as the world is now, we justify ourselves even though we’re just like the world was a few short years ago.

Second: We no longer have a Bible. With the onslaught of better and best translations, we’ve come to a confused smorgasbord of choices. So much so, it’s difficult for God’s people to say with any assurance and authority that they are holding THE Word of God in their hands. Such a thing no longer exists for most Christians.

Bible translations have become the Trojan Horse used by Satan to diminish God’s people into an insipid group. Little by little, it has breeched the walls of absolute Truth. Without an absolute source of Truth there can be no absolute truth. It all becomes subjective.

I firmly believe that much of the excess the world exhibits is really a cry for somebody to step up and show them differently. Much like a child stretches the boundaries of its little world in order to find out from the parents when too much is enough, so too the world around us. And much like what happens when parents don’t discipline the child, so it goes with the world when believers don’t take up their roles as light and salt.

The world is just being, by nature, what they are. Likewise, we believers need to be, by our new natures, what we’re to be.

So …

Let’s do our part, in our own lives and in the world around us, to help stem the increasing flow of insanity.

Live out the Truth that is within you, it will make a difference — temporally and eternally.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32