Eminently Qualified Soldiers

When in reality …

We’ve become the fat, indolent weekend warrior that plays at maneuvers and starts to believe his own stuff — until thrown into the battle. And you know who doesn’t want them in the battle along side of them: the real soldiers.

Hence …

Absence Of Bible Truth = Insanity

I firmly believe that much of the excess the world exhibits is really a cry for somebody to step up and show them differently. Much like a child stretches the boundaries of its little world in order to find out from the parents when too much is enough, so too the world around us. And much like what happens when parents don’t discipline the child, so it goes with the world when believers don’t take up their roles as light and salt.

Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats

Why is it that believers these days don’t know the names of some of the greatest preachers and missionaries of previous generations? Because… these men’s preaching and writings would condemn much of what passes for preaching today.  If these men came back today and heard the average preaching in most Christian and Messianic congregations, they would toss the preachers out of the pulpit. Then, after everybody recovered from that, they would commence to preaching in such away that it would clear out the chaff from the wheat!