God's Plumb Line - The Torah

So what is a plumb line?

Here’s a pretty good definition that I found.

“A plumb line, also called a plummet, is a cord with a non-magnetic weight attached to one end. When the cord is held in such a way that the weight can dangle freely, an exact vertical can be determined. Painters and carpenters use plumb lines to keep their work straight. It is difficult, while in the middle of a project, to determine a true horizontal or vertical line without an objective measuring tool, so a plumb line is employed. A plumb line applies the law of gravity to find right angles, to indicate the most direct route from top to bottom, and to keep things plumb. A plumb line doesn’t change or move with the whims of the carpenter. It remains true, and all work must line up with it or risk being crooked.”

Coherence-Based Genealogical Method

It amazes me that the issue of Bible translation is constantly in a state of flux.  Every time one turns around there is some new something that has been found and discovered that will bring us closer to the actual words of God. I’m so glad I got off this squirrel cage.

Now mind you, if you’re going to proclaim yourself a proponent of the King James Bible you should get ready for a barrage of criticism.  (It’s almost as bad as saying you’re “Messianic.”)