Star Trek Christianity

I like the Star Trek series.  However, the world of Star Trek presents a version of society that will never have any basis in actual reality.  For example, they have “evolved” to the point where money is no longer necessary.  That’s a great fantasy which will never find reality.

Perhaps our Systematic Theologies have as much basis in Scriptural reality as a life with no need of money in Star Trek’s reality. Could it be we’ve created our theologies to fit our preconceived notions of what we want Scripture to say?

The Torah Of God And The Holy Spirit … In The heart?

Dispensationalism is the main reason God’s people have had such difficulty in seeing the Scriptures as one unified whole. (The concept of “OT” and “NT” as separate and distinct from each other, has created an unnecessary misunderstanding.) To make the New Testament “Church” something unique/new/different (since the “Church” isn’t in the OT), a system had to be developed to make that preference “fit” into the Scriptures.